Providing safe and secure garage door installations across Gloucestershire

At Cotswold Garage Doors we design, build and install, customised garage doors for homeowners throughout The Cotswolds, who are looking for a secure place to store their possessions, or park their vehicle.

We pride ourselves on being a local, friendly company, who look to build long-lasting relationships. This is why the areas we cover, usually span no further than Gloucestershire/The Cotswolds.

 Areas we cover:

Chipping Norton

If you live outside of The Cotswolds please call us to discuss your requirements; we will assist where possible.

Cotswold Garage Door Installation

Optional maintenance package

We highly recommend our optional maintenance package to keep your garage door in good working order for years to come.

Because we provide a local garage door service our engineers are able to provide a callout service on the same day as the call.


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Create bespoke garage doors that are safe and secure


To install quality garage doors using the latest that technology has to offer


To provide an EXCEPTIONAL end-to-end service


Are sectional garage doors secure?

Sectional garage doors are one of the most secure types of garage doors available. They have a panel construction which is robust, steel guiding and at least five rollers on each side. All of this combined gives great resistance if someone did attempt to break in.

Who are Cotswold Garage Doors?

Cotswold Garage Doors is part of our wider company – The Good Group. We provide bespoke garage doors, our preferred being sectional doors, for people wanting to invest in their garage door, whether that’s for added security, or aesthetics. We source sustainable material, and build long-lasting, hard-wearing, garage doors that not only fulfill a need, but also look outstanding.

How much does a new garage door cost?

This all depends on the type of garage door you’re looking to purchase, and the level of security you wish your garage door to have. We’re unable to provide a ballpark figure as our garage doors are designed and built bespoke to our customers needs and wants. However, if you give us a call we can discuss your personalised garage door quote in more detail.

What areas do you cover?

We focus on Gloucestershire / The Cotswolds. The reason we don’t cover nationwide is because we want to provide an exceptional service to our customers. If something goes wrong, we want to ensure our engineers can get to you on the same day, which is why we stay local. This doesn’t mean that we won’t work outside of Gloucestershire, simply give us a call, and we’ll see if we can help.